A CONCEPT OF AUTHENTIC DESIGN, FOOD & COCKTAILS FROM FINLAND Presenting Finnish designers including Mika Ihanus, Mari Isopahkala, Sebastian Jansson, Antti Kotilainen, Mikko Laakkonen, Jouni Leino, Mottowasabi, Jesse Pietilä and Samuli Naamanka. Parterns: SAMI TALLBERG, Chef and Forager & KYRÖ DISTILLERY Worlds Best Gin&Tonic IWSC2015. Partner Companies: Graphic Concrete, Innolux, Lapponia Jewelry, Nude glass

Wild, weird, wonderful exhibition presents some of the most interesting contemporary designers from Finland. The exhibition consists of furniture, lighting objects, interior objects and jewellery – and ranging from one-off pieces to products developed for prominent brands, wrapped in an inspiring exhibition architecture created by design duo Aalto+Aalto.

”The exhibition theme “Wild, weird and wonderful” reflects the Finnish way of life and the close relationship with nature that is all around us and present even in the bigger cities. Finns are forest people and this reflects in our behaviour, how we live, what we eat and do. The exhibition design is inspired by the theme and it gives a backdrop of Finnish wilderness to the exhibited objects and ties them together in a natural way”, say Elina and Klaus Aalto, forming the design duo Aalto+Aalto.

In Milan, Beacon presents the best of Finnish creativity with a conscious take on contemporary design. The works are represented by both individual designers as well as design studios.